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We've been at the forefront of sports science since 2006. Working with over 2,970 teams around the world, our technology is trusted to drive performance at all levels of sport.


We understand sport. With a global team of experienced sports science practitioners, we are committed to helping your organisation unlock its competitive edge.


We don’t just work in sport, we help to shape its future. Driving innovation through ambitious research and development initiatives, our solutions are designed to push performance to new heights.


We possess the largest R&D team in the industry, allowing us to continually innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions.


Trusted by teams and organisations worldwide

Proven and

We’ve proven our value to elite sports teams around the world since 2006.

Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada

"Injuries are a big part of sport but with the help of Catapult’s technology injuries are minimized and also shortened."

Adam Douglas

Sport Performance Manager

University of Toledo: Football

University of Toledo: Football

"Catapult enables us to put our athletes in the best position possible to maximize their athletic performance while reducing the likelihood of injury."

Brad Bichey

Director of Football Strength and Conditioning

Duke Basketball

Duke Basketball

"We use [Catapult] on all of our players in every single practice, every game, every shootaround, so we have a really good idea of the intensity and the quantity of movement that occurs in every single session."

Nicholas Potter

Director of High Performance & Sports Science

Malmö Redhawks

Malmö Redhawks

"The Catapult data means that all our teams are talking the same language. It is easy to visualise and explain the insights we gain and need to deliver to take our performance to the next level."

Freddie Sjögren

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jenks High School Football

Jenks High School Football

"I do not let the technology dictate how I program the strength and conditioning plan for the athletes. Rather, I use it to match what I am aiming to accomplish for that given day and use it as a checks and balances system."

Nick Whitmer

Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

University of Denver: Hockey

University of Denver: Hockey

"Catapult allows us to work with our coaching staff. We can find solutions to problems, and so, make a long-term impact on teams' and student-athletes performance and health."

Matt Shaw

Director of Sports Performance

Driven by

Independent scientific validation is central to our research and development process.

To date Catapult has been referenced in over 100 academic journal articles.