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Our Catapult Vector wearable technology quantifies the physical demands of Australian rules, Catapult Vision brings your pre- and post-match analysis to life, Catapult AMS elevates the management and communication of data, and Inertial Movement Analysis (IMA) takes your analytics to the next level.

Trusted by some of the biggest teams in Australian rules, Catapult is helping to transform the application of performance insights across the sport.

Wearable Technology

Independently validated and trusted by football teams across Australia, our wearable technology is proven throughout the game.

  • Optimise Performance: Prepare for the demands of football by managing workloads and monitoring player development.
  • Mitigate Injury Risk: Know when to keep pushing and when to back off. Quantify training programs and monitor the loading of your athletes to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Support Return To Play: Objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return to play protocols.

Victoria University“A unique advantage that GPS provides over ‘regular’ statistics is that the data has a spatiotemporal component to it; that is, we can also gain an understanding of where a player is on the field at a given time of the match. This obviously provides an additional depth of information over and above a player’s kick count, number of tackles or shots on goal.”
Sam Robertson, Professor of Sports Analytics, Victoria University

St Kilda logo “For someone on the sports science side of things, it really takes away the subjectivity of what your guys are doing and gives you some objective numbers that you can work with to get any edge you can.”
Simon Kearney, Sport Science Manager, St Kilda FC

Freemantle“Catapult’s product support is excellent. They are also really easy to use and to collect the information most relevant to your team’s needs.”
Kate Starre, Sports Scientist, Freemantle Dockers Women’s Football Club